More is Better…Right?

If you had more money, your organization could do more. Right?  You could give more food, save more lives, offer more to those that you serve. However, not only does raising money cost you money and time, but it is not easy. Dollars and Euros are tight, and not likely to be easier to obtain in the near future. What if raising more money was not the only way to do more? What if, you could become more effective using the money you already have? Making that happen is why Philanthropoiesis exists.

It is our mission to help each of our customers become more efficient and effective in order to make their funds go farther.  This makes you happier, those that you serve happier, and your donors happier.  You are happier because you can do more with the money you have. Your customers are happier because they receive more. Your donors are happier because they see their money is being well managed and put to the best possible use.

We all know that doing a great job is sometimes not enough when you rely on others to support you. You need to tell your story. You need to show your donors, your customers, and the world that you are a good steward of your donor’s money and you are using that money to make good things happen. We can help you do a better job telling your story to the world. Through the use of words, photos and video, we help you show the world the positive impact you are having.

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