What We Can Do For You

Anyone that has worked with NGOs quickly learns some of the struggles that are inherent in such an organization. Two of the biggest ones are having more ideas for helping the world than your available money will support, and getting the world to understand all the good that you do. Philanthropoiesis focuses on helping NGOs address both of those points. First, we work with you to discover ways to become more efficient and effective. This is done by helping you identify and reduce waste and at the same time streamline your work flow. From top level management, to boots on the ground around the world, we look for ways to help you accomplish more for less. Second, we can help create marketing materials (e.g. photographs, written articles, and videos) that can be used to communicate your stories of success to the world. We work with marketers, writers, photographers, and videographers to produce the marketing collateral you need to communicate to the world, and in particular your supporters, the good work you are doing and explain why you are worthy of their continued support.

Fundraising is an ongoing effort for most NGOs, and when an organization wants to provide more services; the first thought is often to raise more money. However, increasing the efficiency of the organization and reducing waste can add significantly to the services that can be provided without the need to always increase your fundraising goals.

Philanthropoiesis helps you create efficiency by engaging process improvement experts to help you identify and eliminate waste. We help you implement the core principle of Lean in order to maximize customer value. Simply put, Lean techniques enable you to provide more value without requiring more resources.

Increasing efficiency is not the same as being effective. Using the old adage of teaching a man to fish, you can be very efficient about giving away fish, but you are not effective until you begin to teach the skill of fishing. A central focus of our work is allowing the needs of your customers to determine our direction. This contributes to effectiveness, and combining that with efficiency is where every NGO needs to be.

It is important to fundraising efforts to tell the organization’s story in such a way that people are inspired. Equally important to attracting and keeping donors is demonstrating to them that your organization is making efficient and effective use of your funds. Creating efficiency within your organization only inspires potential donors if they know and understand what you are doing and the value that you create. We can help NGOs tell their stories in words, photographs and video. Using writers, photographers and videographers we help produce materials for your marketing and fundraising efforts. If the situation demands it, we bring in marketing consultants to guide your planning.

Using crowd-source funding, as well as other meeans, Philanthropoiesis attempts to offer its services to our customers at little or no cost to them. Following a free evaluation of the services that you need, we generate an estimate of total cost for the service. Then with your approval, we initiate a fundraising effort to cover the full amount. If we are successful, the agreed upon services are provided at zero cost. Should we fail to raise the entire amount, the customer is given the option of paying only the difference, or declining our services. In either case, there is no financial risk to you.