An idea is born

The idea of Philanthropoiesis arose in early 2015 from the recognition that NGOs, more than other companies, need to be as efficient and effective as possible. Every dollar and every hour an NGO spends fund raising,  is an hour and a dollar not spent actually delivering care and services. Every dollar and every hour spent on inefficient or ineffective activities, is a dollar and an hour that could have been put to better use. You owe it to those you serve, and your donors, to put your time and their money to the best possible use.

We have traveled the world. Not only have we seen the need, but have seen the good that can be done. We have also seen organizations struggle, sometimes succeeding and other times not, when money is a limiting factor. The people involved in our effort come from a variety of backgrounds: process improvement consultants, photographers, travel writers, and healthcare providers. We may not have the skills to do what you do, be we can help you do what you do better.

What We Can Do For You

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