Who We Are

Philanthropoiesis, as an organization, consists of business consultants, healthcare providers, photographers, travel writers, and other concerned individuals intent on improving the world by supporting those that go out and make this world a better place. We believe efficiency and effectiveness must be at the foundation of every great NGO. We believe that simply raising more money is not the best way for NGOs to deliver more benefit to the those that they serve.

We are process improvement consultants and we are story tellers. We help you become the most efficient and effective organization you can be, and we then help you tell your story through written content, videos and photographs. Being a great NGO is not enough. Your ability to survive depends on the world understanding your greatness.

Becoming a highly efficient and effective organization not only enables you to have a more profound impact on the world, but presents a more compelling story when talking to your donors. Donors want you to go forth and do good, but they also want to know your are being good stewards of their money. They want to know their money is well spent with you. Philanthropoiesis wants that too.

Philanthropoiesis is the brainchild of Nathan Lake, an RN living and working in Seattle, Washington. With over 25 years as a nurse,  10 years as a working photographer, and a self professed process improvement fanatic, he saw an opportunity to create a bundle of services that can help service organizations change the world…even more than they already are.